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  1. Probably the best thing I’ve ever seen before…

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yess this finally hit 1,000 notes :’)


    yess this finally hit 1,000 notes :’)

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    when someone really cute calls you cute first


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  4. It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, now is as good a time as any.
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  6. Love of mine, someday you will die… but I’ll be close behind.
I’ll follow you into the dark…

    Love of mine, someday you will die… but I’ll be close behind.

    I’ll follow you into the dark…

  7. Polyjuice And Pregnancy - A Lesson

    Alright, time for another lesson (though my previous post about Polyjuice and Voldemort wasn’t really a lesson so much as a response to a post I saw on here).

    This is a long post- so buckle down and prepare to read your hearts out.

    For warning’s sake, this is a bit PG-13, but since everyone takes sexual education and anatomy, I figure I’m quite safe if I keep it technical. Consider that your warning.

    Simply put, you CAN get pregnant or get someone pregnant while using a Polyjuice potion but there are LIMITATIONS to this, which I shouldn’t have to specify (as it is common sense) but for the sake of teaching others who aren’t as familiar with Polyjuice, I will. Let’s start from the beginning.


    The Polyjuice potion does NOT change the DNA structure of a person what so ever- if it did, you could simply pluck your own hairs to remain under the guise of the person you changed into, and that simply is not possible. To change your DNA is to change who you are on the inside, and Polyjuice cannot be used in that way as it simply isn’t able to. The ingredients and structure of the potion has nothing to do with DNA or internal changes.

    It is used for one purpose:

    To put up the outward physical appearance of the person who’s DNA you use in the potion, but NOT to alter who you are inside in any way. It’s almost like using a glamour, if you will, only it is more stable and less likely to fade if your concentration is pulled away for some reason.

    Spit, blood, tears, hair, bone, skin, nails, all bodily fluids and functions (to avoid crudeness) will carry the same DNA as the person who took the potion- NOT the person they are changing into. So you cannot use Polyjuice to pass as someone else if there is some sort of DNA marker involved.

    In other words, the appearance of the individual is altered, but it is only “skin deep” if you will, and therefore leaves the inside of the person (internal organs, blood, brain) still in-tact and functioning normally.

    BEFORE I CONTINUE, I must explain the vocal chords argument.

    While it is true that the vocal chords are considered internal, and that the Polyjuice potion DOES change your voice into that of the person you are transforming into, I must make it clear that the Polyjuice potion includes ingredients that are used for that very purpose- to alter one’s voice, eye color, hair color/texture, height, weight, etc.

    Used on their own, in different potions, you can alter any of those physical appearances by themselves, without altering anything else, and it is merely an external change.

    Blue eyes to green eyes, black hair to blonde hair, straight hair to curly hair, etc.

    Yes, there are spells and separate potions for all of these changes individually- and some can do it at will (Metamorphmagus, though they cannot alter their voice, just their physical appearance).

    However, a Polyjuice Potion does it all at once, and is much simpler than any spell work believe it or not, merely because you don’t have to concentrate to keep the appearance- the down side, as with any potion of that nature, is a time limit. Spells require full concentration to maintain, but there is no time limit on them.

    As with spells, there are also wards against potions, which force the spell or potion to stop working and reveal a person’s true nature immediately, against their will.

    In short, Polyjuice changes the sound of the voice, but not the shape of or nature of the vocal chords themselves- it’s almost as though you are using a Muggle voice changing device of some kind, or a spell to alter the sound of your voice.

    If you need more about this topic in the future, PLEASE ASK ME and I will post another lesson devoted to the subject of using spells and potions to do what a Metamorphmagus is able to do naturally (which is also purely external and requires a certain amount of concentration to maintain for a period of time).

    Now, on to why we’re here.

    Polyjuice And Pregnancy

    If a woman uses the Polyjuice to turn into a man, obviously she CANNOT get pregnant as men do not have the external genitalia necessary to get pregnant. The only way a man can be penetrated during intercourse is, well… not how you get pregnant, to put it lightly. So if that is her only option under the Polyjuice as a man, obviously she would not get pregnant because that part of the body, male or female, does not lead to the reproductive organs in any way.

    In turn, a woman using Polyjuice to become a man CANNOT get another woman pregnant simply because there is no sperm in the testicles what-so-ever. The potion doesn’t create it for her, and her body doesn’t create it on its’ own. There is also no way for the non-existant sperm to reach the urethra. Also, the potion does not create the seminal  vesicle, which is attached to the ves deferens (or ductus deferens) and is needed to add seminal fluid to the sperm in order to create the fluid that comes out when a man ejaculates.

    There are potions and spells that can be used to create such a thing, but they are very complicated and are actually classified as Gender Reassigning, and are almost always a permanent change that alters the DNA structure of the person using them. (If you want or need a lesson on permanent Gender Reassigning potions and spells, please ask me and I will post one.)

    Now, let’s say for argument’s sake that a woman, turning into a man using Polyjuice, actually gets his sperm somehow:

    Even if a woman who uses Polyjuice to turn into a man has that man’s sperm, she still cannot get another woman pregnant because a male’s reproductive organs actually extend into the bladder itself (the vas deferens or ductus deferens, which carry the sperm to the urethra through the ejaculatory duct, actually go through the bladder, attach to the seminal vesicle, and link up to the urethra at the same area that the bladder does- hence why men cannot urinate and ejaculate at the same time, as women can), as well as going through the prostate among other things.

    The Polyjuice would only give the female the external organs of a male, including testicles and scrotum, but would not give the ability for the sperm to reach the urethra for ejaculatory purposes without altering her gender on the inside completely.

    The vas deferens or ductus deferens are NOT produced beyond the scrotum because they would have to negate the uterus all together in order to route themselves through the bladder properly- (a woman’s bladder is in front of her uterus) and Polyjuice is not able to do such things because it is not made to. It also cannot create the seminal vesicle.

    Why do the vas deferens or ductus deferens not simply appear and take a direct route into the urethra through the scrotum with the seminal vesicle? Because the Polyjuice does not alter the internal gender of the person who drinks it- just the external gender. It is classified as a basic Meta or Glamour potion, not a Gender Reassigning potion. The ingredients cannot be used in any way, together or separately, to internally alter a person’s gender, and that’s that.

    She could have functioning sex as a man, including ejaculation, but even if she had sperm to go along with the testicles, nothing would come out upon ejaculation because there simply isn’t the proper internal “plumbing” to allow that to happen. It would be like a man who’s had a Muggle vasectomy, to put it simply (but not entirely accurately, as there are two parts to semen- seminal fluid and spermatozoa- and after a Muggle vasectomy the seminal fluid is still released from the seminal vesicle but it contains none of the white sperm because the vas deferens or ductus deferens have been cut near the testicles to prevent the sperm from actually getting to the seminal vesicle and into the urethra).

    I feel it needs to be said that a female turning into a male via Polyjuice CAN become pregnant, but ONLY if she is artificially inseminated and a batch of pre-fertilized eggs are injected directly into the uterus via a syringe (because there is no birth canal to do so the normal way). I say this simply because I have the feeling it will be mentioned at some point and I want to avoid it.

    But any woman with functioning reproductive organs can be inseminated and become pregnant, so that isn’t really what we’re talking about here.

    Now, a man using the Polyjuice to become a woman CANNOT become pregnant in any way because, simply put, men cannot become pregnant. We’ve already established that Polyjuice cannot and never will alter a person’s true internal gender, just the appearance and shape of the external body.

    It is medically improbable that a man becomes pregnant- though not impossible. A fetus CAN attach itself to the internal lining of the abdomen or internal organs instead of a uterus, and carry to term, but will have to be taken via cesarean section, meaning surgically removed from the abdomen.

    This has happened to women under certain circumstances (tubal pregnancy rupture, etc.), though it often results in the death of the fetus or inability to carry to term due to danger to the mother, if not the mother’s death as well.

    This in a man, however, can only happen if it is via artificial insemination into the abdominal cavity, which is highly dangerous, could be fatal, and there is a chance that the body would attack the foreign object to try to kill or expel it. Also, good luck finding a doctor willing to actually do that to a person on purpose.

    Yes, a man using Polyjuice to become a woman could have intercourse as a woman does, via the birth canal, but there are no female reproductive organs inside his body- no uterus, no ovaries, etc. So therefore, it would be like having sex with a woman who has had a full hysterectomy- there is no chance of her becoming pregnant what-so-ever because there is nothing there.

    The man under the Polyjuice, as a woman, would not menstruate either, for the very same reason. The birth canal only goes up to where the cervix would be and then effectively stops. There are no ovaries, there is no uterus, therefore no ovulation, no chance for pregnancy.

    The urethra would be shortened for the external shift, (as it would be lengthened for a female turning into a male- if I have to explain that, you’ve no business reading this post) and the birth canal would go up to about where the prostate is- which is generally the average length of a birth canal in a natural female in the first place.

    This happens because all of the sexual organs (even the birth canal) are considered external because altering these does not alter the internal gender of the person drinking the potion, So therefore the external bits would all change- but the potion WILL NOT change the internal organs (the reproductive system).

    However, keep this in mind: If you turn into someone shorter, your body compensates, same as if you turn into someone taller. It doesn’t alter the inside at all, just stretches or squishes it, as it were.

    That leads me to the final part of this whole lesson here.

    If a man turns into a different man, or a woman turns into a different woman, then all systems are “go” as it were. Pregnancy is just as possible as it is with any other person on the planet.

    A woman, using a Polyjuice to become a different woman, can become pregnant while under the guise of the Polyjuice potion because she is female inside, and able to have sex as a female outside.

    The child would genetically be her child because, as I’ve stated, Polyjuice does not change your DNA structure at all.

    A man, using a Polyjuice to become a different man, can get a woman pregnant while under the guise of the Polyjuice for the same reason- the internal organs do not change and therefore the semen can be carried from the testicles, through the vas deferens or ductus deferens, meet up with the seminal vesicle, and into the urethra the proper way in order to allow fully functioning ejaculation, complete with semen.

    Genetically, it would be his child because the potion does not alter the DNA structure of the semen.


    These will arise ONLY for the female because of the simple fact that she carries the child, and Polyjuice DOES alter the external appearance in not only looks, but height and weight as well.

    While a woman under the guise of Polyjuice potion who has female genitalia (or any other glamour, including spells and potions alike, as well as a Metamorphmagus) can become pregnant, the problems and complications can arise in two ways:

    The first is that the ingredients of any potion or magical effects of any spell can alter the fetus, even if you are not the one taking the potion and are not using the spell on yourself. It’s the same concept as taking certain medication or smoking while pregnant. There is a 50/50 chance that the child will be born with some sort of defect or malformation/lasting side effect.

    Therefore, if the woman does become pregnant under the guise of Polyjuice (or any other spell/potion used for glamour purposes, even just to alter eye color or give herself a tan in the winter), it is HIGHLY recommended that she cease use of the potion (or spell) immediately and only take or use that which is safe for the fetus. There are lists of approved potions and spells that you are able to use while pregnant, both on yourself, on others (spells), and brewing (because the fumes sometimes are highly toxic to the fetus).

    I would know, as I have three children now and they are very strict about such things. Even a Metamorphmagus is strongly urged to prevent altering their appearance if at all possible while pregnant.

    The second complication is that Polyjuice (or any spell like it) alters the height and weight of the drinker/caster. Therefore, if the woman becomes pregnant while using Polyjuice (or a spell), and ceases using it after conception, the stress of the height and weight shifting back to normal could put stress on the uterus and cause a miscarriage. Luckily, that is more rare unless the physical appearance is that drastically different.

    Alright, I think I’ve covered just about everything there is to cover here in terms of biological Polyjuice issues. If you have any other questions about this topic (or the others I’ve touched on in this post), please feel free to ask me and I will answer to the best of my ability.

  8. Dear Supposed “Potterheads”


    I have seen far to many posts on tumblr saying that the reason that voldemort had no hair was to make sure nobody could make polyjuice potion of him.

    Please read the books

    The second book, and even the second movie, clearly states that you need a bit of the person

    Not necessarily hair

    You could use nails, spit, or even voldemort dandruff.
    Please spread the word, I die a little more on the inside every time somebody reblogs this “connection”

    Sincerely, A True Potterhead

    They’re right, you know. Voldemort looked as he did for two reasons- splitting his soul so many times took away his humanity, and the Necromancy spell that he used to return to power. Him having no hair or nose has nothing to do with Polyjuice potion. Furthermore, you can use ANY part of a person that holds their DNA sequence in a properly brewed Polyjuice. Hair is just the easiest and fastest thing to acquire next to dead skin that’s fallen off (which is often too small to be effective). In fact, the final ingredient in Polyjuice itself is “extract of the transfigured-being-to-be” meaning person you are changing into. It does NOT specify hairs.

    I realize that the person who started the “Voldemort is bald because of Polyjuice” post was more than likely just making light of the fact, and trying to make a joke- so all in all it doesn’t bother me that badly. But in the interest of true knowledge, and being sure that everything knows the true nature of the Polyjuice should they brew it for any reason, you do not NEED hairs. They are just the easiest thing to get your hands on in a tight spot. We used hairs most of the time (as do most people) because we didn’t have time to get skin, spit, blood, or otherwise. Thank you.


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  11. The Potter Generation

    One of my dear friends, a muggle, wrote this and it nearly made me break down in tears. In fact, I did cry a bit when I finished reading it. It’s one of the sweetest things I think I’ve ever seen.

    Harry Potter will live on within each and every one of us forever- in every tear that we shed, in every time that we stand up for what we believe in, in every time that we feel the world is just too much to bear, in every page of every book that doesn’t quite live up to our expectations, in every beat of our hearts and in every breath that we take. We will pass these amazing experiences and emotions down through generations and generations to come. The words and images of this epic series will live on in our hearts and minds always, and the characters will forever remain alive and vibrant as they did the first time we ever read their names or set eyes on those that portrayed them. Harry Potter is our past, present, and future. Hogwarts is our home, and we will never, ever forget the epic tale of The Boy Who Lived and the magical world of beauty and imagination that surrounded him. Thank you, J.K.R., for giving us all this amazing story, and for teaching us all the three most important things one could ever hope to learn- hope, compassion and above all, love. WE ARE THE POTTER GENERATION! ♥

The Deathly Hallows: Godric’s Hollow Wiltshire DHr Au 
“Hermione raised her wand, moved it in a circle through the air and a wreath of Christmas roses blossomed before them. Draco caught it and lay it on his parent’s grave.”

I nearly cried at this.

    The Deathly Hallows: Godric’s Hollow Wiltshire DHr Au

    “Hermione raised her wand, moved it in a circle through the air and a wreath of Christmas roses blossomed before them. Draco caught it and lay it on his parent’s grave.”

    I nearly cried at this.

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I’ve lost my ability to can



    I’ve lost my ability to can


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  14. Yes, that’s a spoon on his nose.
Yes, he’s inappropriately happy about it because he did so without the use of magic after I told him he wouldn’t be able to do so the muggle way.
Yes, his shirt is wet.
No, I won’t tell you why, but I will let you use your imagination.
Yes, he’s going to be rather cross with me for sharing this photo, but I don’t care.

    Yes, that’s a spoon on his nose.

    Yes, he’s inappropriately happy about it because he did so without the use of magic after I told him he wouldn’t be able to do so the muggle way.

    Yes, his shirt is wet.

    No, I won’t tell you why, but I will let you use your imagination.

    Yes, he’s going to be rather cross with me for sharing this photo, but I don’t care.

  15. I don’t even-… I can’t-…. It just-….

    I don’t even-… I can’t-…. It just-….